Merry Christmas!

One of the great things about Christmas are the traditions. Doing the same things you have done every year since child-hood is comforting. It assures us that although the world is changing and sometimes our lives feel unstable and out of control – some things stay the same. There will always be prawns on the BBQ on Christmas day, grandma always brings those chocolate bar filled plastic ‘Christmas stockings’, you all slowly roll out of bed the next day to watch the Boxing Day Test on TV, or whatever the Christmas traditions are in your household.

But there are Christmas traditions that go beyond your family. Christmas traditions that transcend our generation and our nation. We celebrate the birth of Christ; God’s intervention into our world to bring peace; and the Messiah who came to save his people from their sins. In upholding these true Christmas traditions we become part of something so much larger than our earthly families. We become anchored in the family of God and secure in the peace and everlasting joy of being his children.

This year some people are celebrating Christmas without a home. Some are celebrating without grandma, or other family members. Whatever your Christmas is like, God invites you to share at his table. To join with his people around the world and throughout time. Come celebrate the Saviour born to us on Christmas day.

Yours in Christ,

Ben Boardman