In these unprecedented days of fire and drought we are reminded that we are very much not in control of our lives.  We need support, we need each other, we need our RFS heroes and our emergency services and others working heroically to keep our communities safe.  But even with all this, we need the one who controls the weather.  We are reminded in these times of our dependence on God who created and sustains us all.

St Mark’s Anglican Church is holding a day of Prayer for Relief from Fire and Drought on Sunday 15th December 2019 and all are welcome to join us.  We will be open from 8am – 2pm for anyone to come to talk, grieve, seek help, whatever is going to be helpful.  But most of all we want you to join us in crying out to God that he might send us drenching rain to relieve our land of fire and drought.  We pray that we might recognise our dependence and turn to him in faith.  We pray that we might find hope and joy in Jesus Christ at Christmas time.

A Service will be held at 9:30am of singing, prayer and hearing from God’s Word.  All are welcome to join us for the service, or at any time throughout the day.  Let’s come together and pray.

Yours sincerely,

Rev Ben Boardman

Picton & Wilton Anglican Churches