We like to think we are independent: calling our own shots, masters of our own destiny, and in control of our lives.  But there are times when we come to the end of ourselves.  Humbling moments where we realise we are utterly dependent on others and we can’t move forward without begging for help.
The current drought we are experiencing is a perfect example – no matter how well managed, no matter how prosperous in the past, if there is no rain, there will be no grass for cattle to eat.  Our farmers are calling out for help, and we have the opportunity to lend a hand.
We all face this challenge in different ways and times in our lives.  It might be in financial hardship, or relationship breakdown, or inadequate parenting, or just the combination of juggling it all becomes too much.  We are not made to be independent of each other, we are not made to be independent of God.
Why doesn’t God send the rain?  I don’t exactly know, this is a broken world because of sin and that brokenness is seen even in the weather.  But on these occasions we are reminded how dependent we are on God.  We are reminded that we need him, and that we need each other.
So, let’s pray for rain, acknowledging our dependence on him, and lets support each other, recognising that none of us can get by alone.

For information on the ‘Dilly Drought Drive’ and to help support local Wollondilly farmers in the drought click here.