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Listen Well

Do you ever find yourself in the middle of a conversation, where you have no idea what the person has been talking about?  You’ve drifted off, distracted by thoughts about tomorrow, and they’re looking expectantly at you.  Did they ask a question?  What was it?
You just nod your head and say ‘yes’ – and then seeing the surprise in their face change quickly to a ‘no, no, of course not’.  They smile and go on.  Relief.  You got away with that one.
In Luke chapter 8, Jesus challenges us to listen and respond to the Word of God.  Though Satan wants to steal the Word away from us, though there will be challenges, though there will be distractions, this is absolutely vital.  As you come to Church, pray that you and others will be able to Listen well to the Word of God.  As you go about your day, schedule in a moment to read God’s Word, look for a moment to encourage others in responding rightly to the Word of God.
On the last day, when Christ returns, he will be looking at you expectantly.  He will be asking you a very searching question: did you hear and respond to me?  And you cannot bluff God.

The Bible in our mother tongue

One of the most remarkable things about being Christian is recognising that God has Spoken.  It is incredible to be able to open up the bible, at home or at Church or wherever we are, and hear God speak to us.

This week I received an email from our CMS link missionaries the Etheringtons with these breathtaking words:

“Another two days or so of paperwork and the text of the Kunwinjku New Testament goes to the Bible Society who will turn it into a finished book. Join us in praising our Lord for this long, slow miracle, and in praying that Kunwinjku people will continue to read and translate into action God’s words to them in their own heart language. This of course is a prayer for all of us as we read our own Bibles.”

The Kunwinjku people are a native Australian people group in far northern Australia.  I pray that they (and we) will treasure and read and believe and obey the precious words that God has spoken to us.

Yours in Christ,


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