NOTE: There is no need to pre-register for Picton or Wilton services during October. You will simply need to register at the door upon arrival.

Updated: As of 3/8/2020 the premier of NSW strongly encourages mask-wearing while you attend Church. One-use masks will be made available at Church to anyone who needs one, but we encourage and prefer you to bring your own.

Under current COVID-19 restrictions in NSW, religious gatherings are limited to the building capacity (maintaining 4m2 pp). We are requiring pre-registration at our Wilton 5pm congregation to ensure we comply with these rules (as of 20/7/2020 we are no longer requiring pre-registration at our St Mark’s, Picton 9:30am congregation, you can register upon arrival).

This page will be updated for the new week between 8 and 9am each Monday morning ready to take registrations for the following Sunday. Services will be available online in case you prefer to stay home, or miss out on attending. If you are a vulnerable or immuno-compromised person please consider the risks carefully before deciding whether or not to attend. If you become unwell or are unable to attend for any reason after registering to attend, please let us know.