This weekend we have the privilege of a visit from our new link missionaries, Craig and Lisse, along with their children. This is an important time, as we only get this opportunity once every three years.

I can’t wait to get to know them better and to learn more about their plans to serve in the international Church in the Middle East.

The nations are coming into the Middle East and going out again. And they’re taking the gospel with them! Please pray for God to make Jesus known across the world through the church and college.

Our focus as a Church should not just be on ourselves – the gospel compels us to lift our eyes to see the world around us that needs Jesus. That’s why we’re starting a Wilton Morning Congregation, so that more people in Wilton can find life in Christ. That’s why we’re concerned about people in the Middle East knowing Jesus. Because Jesus is Lord, we want more people to find life in him, the life that only he can bring!

Please join us this Sunday to meet Craig and Lisse. Some things are confidential, so not everything will go out on the YouTube livestream this week.

Yours in Christ,