You probably associate meetings with boredom and tedium. But meetings are important. Good meetings bring together the wisdom and diverse input of a team to make good decisions which lead to great outcomes.

Our Annual General Meeting is next Sunday 3rd March, 11:30am at Wilton Church, and if you care about our Church and its vision of helping people find ‘Life in Christ’, let me encourage you to be there.

At this meeting we hope to review how God has been at work among us over the past year and dream about the possibilities for the year ahead. It’s an opportunity for transparency with questions and discussion about our strategy and purpose. And its an opportunity to elect wardens, parish councillors and parish nominators to ensure the good governance of our Church and its properties and finances.

The 10am Wilton congregation have been thinking a lot in terms of the ‘Trellis and the Vine’. The Vine describes the growth of the gospel and it is the goal of our Church. But the vine will only grow healthy and strong when its supported by a solid trellis. The trellis is the logistics, governance and management of healthy systems and processes at Church which enable the gospel work to grow and thrive. This means that meetings are important, it might even mean that meetings are exciting – imagine the gospel vine (growth) that might be facilitated by the decisions we make at our AGM (trellis)!

Yours in Christ,

Ben Boardman