I was speaking to some ‘oldies’ in a Retirement village this week and they were lamenting the fact that [some of] their children only come to visit them for their birthday. ‘Just come anytime,’ they said. I’m ashamed to say that I most frequently call my parents when I need something (babysitting?) – but I love them and I want to spend more time with them. Sadly, we often relegate the ‘oldies’ in our lives to the occasional birthday visit, instead of being involved regularly in each others lives.

Is that the sort of relationship you have with Jesus? You turn up for his birthday (Christmas), but don’t ever see him or even call him up (prayer) in between times?

Jesus doesn’t resent your visits at Christmas time – he loves to see you. But he has so much more to offer if you’ll live your whole life with him in mind. In fact, Jesus promises his disciples in Matthew 28 – ‘and surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.’

If we become one of Jesus disciples we have the blessing of his promised Holy Spirit, and we have the wonderful promise of eternal life in him. Don’t relegate Jesus to just a ‘birthday visit’.

Yours in Christ,