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Lloyd Parry was a well-respected and popular doctor in the district in the early years of the 20th century.

He arrived in Picton in 1902, a widower with two teenage children and a small son by previous marriages.

Dr Parry was born in Shrewsbury and had lived an adventurous life after graduating from Edinburgh University. He spent time in Zululand and Ashant and later settled in New Zealand.  He arrived in Australia sometime in the 1880s and it was in 1897 that his wife died. He remarried  Dora Antill at Harden but  upon Dora’s death he came to Picton, possibly so that her family could help with the care of his small son. How the Antill family reacted to Dr Parry quickly marrying Dora’s sister, Alice Eliza, is unrecorded.   

Life for a country doctor could be hard. Dr Parry attended serious accidents including the recovery of the bodies of two young men who were cousins, from the water hole at Maldon where they drowned on a hot summer’s afternoon. There was no ambulance so the doctor took sick and injured patients in his buggy to the small private hospital near his home in Argyle Street.

Dr Parry took an active part in the social life of the town and was secretary of the vestry at St Mark’s. He was involved in the tennis club, was an alderman and during World War One set up a course teaching first aid.  He was a keen fund-raiser for the Red Cross.

During the Spanish Flu outbreak, Dr Parry became ill and was taken to Randwick Hospital where he died.  

This family memorial is also to Lloyd and Alice’s infant son, Campbell, their daughter Jessica who lived for 94 years and widow Alice Eliza Campbell.

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