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This simple memorial to seven year old David Shaw was  erected by the Flood Reclamation Committee in 2017.  David died of meningitis at Parramatta Hospital after a short illness. He was the eldest child  of the incumbent rector, Rev. F.A. Shaw and his wife Pamela, who were unable to afford a headstone for their young son.  The family lived in the Old Rectory, a two-storied Victorian house on the Hume Highway. It was a short walk for David to cross the road to Picton Public School.

This simple memorial to the loved son of incumbent rector Fred Shaw, and wife Pamela was erected in 2018, after the major 2016 flood. No memorial existed before because of the sudden and tragic loss of David in 1946.

Rev. Shaw and his family lived in the two-storey Victorian Anglican Rectory at the top of the subway in Picton, and was a much loved and caring Minister for St Marks Church and surrounding villages.

David was only seven years old, and a student at Picton Public School with sisters Margaret and Robyn, when he contracted the dreaded polio during a state wide epidemic. He was treated in Sydney in an iron lung, before his death on 8th May, 1946. The entire Community was affected when hearing the sad news.

The Rev. Shaw had spent 14 years in Picton and left the district with Mrs Shaw and two daughters in 1949 to become rector of St John’s in Ashfield.

David’s sister Robyn, and old school friends, erected this tribute to the memory of the wonderful brother and friend whose spirit lives on in their hearts.

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