This week your Church leaders have taken time out to pray and read and plan together about our Church and its future.  We’re incredibly thankful to Nick and Sharon for allowing us to use their place up on Razorback for our retreat.  Ben, Kate, Scott and Britt spent 3 days together there, and groups of leaders joined us for a day of Picton planning on Monday and of Wilton planning on Tuesday.
It’s so exciting to dream about how God might work among us and to pray for each one of you by name.  We consider it a privilege to serve among you and strive to lead the precious people of God!
There were many great discussions and a few key outcomes that I look forward to sharing with you soon.  One key outcome was to try to shift the culture of our Church to be reflecting more regularly on how we can improve.  Towards that end we hope to ask a few key questions regularly about all of our ministries:

  • How are you going? (general care for every person)
  • How are you growing? (deliberate reflection on spiritual direction)
  • What went well? (give thanks to God and reinforcing the positives)
  • What can we work on? (regularly identifying how we can improve)

Don’t be surprised if you hear me asking you these questions soon.  It’s not because you’ve done something wrong – but because we want to be always deliberately caring for each other and seeking to improve what we do for the glory of Christ!
Yours in Him,