October is Mental Health Month and 10 October is World Mental Health Day (10/10), a good time to think through how we can support and care for those in our communities who are struggling with mental health concerns. At any one time, 1 in 5 people in Australia experience a diagnosable mental health condition.  During our lifetime, nearly 1 in 2 of us will experience a diagnosable mental health condition.  Mental health struggles affect all type of people across all walks of life. Being Christian and a member of church does not make us immune from mental health concerns.  
God is concerned for those struggling with their mental health. He is a God of extraordinary love and compassion and his heart goes out to those facing mental health challenges.  People struggling with their mental health need our support, not our judgement. We want to try and reflect God’s loving compassion and care.
The wonder of the Christian gospel is that we are saved by what God in his grace has done outside of us through the work of our Lord Jesus Christ. God does not look upon us according to our feelings or how mentally healthy we are, but according to the faithfulness of Jesus Christ. Even when we are at the end of our resources, God loves us simply because he loves us, and we remain secure in him. He will not let us go.
Yours in Christ,
Ben Boardman
(This article is drawn from the Mental Health & Pastoral Care Institute http://www.mentalhealthinstitute.org.au/)