In our most recent National Church Life Survey, 75% of you (our Church members) indicated that you spend time in prayer, Bible reading, meditation at least a few times a week.

If you are spending any time in reflection or making resolutions this new year, let me encourage you to include a spiritual assessment. How are you going at depending on Christ? Do you seek to honour him in your everyday decisions? Are you continuing to grow in Christian character and the fruit of the Spirit? Are you encouraging others in their walk with Christ or to consider Christ? How are you serving God and his Church in this year ahead?

Regular Bible reading and prayer are the engine room of spiritual growth – improving your habits in this one area will have an enormous impact on your whole life. What goals might you set for 2024? If you’re not a reader, consider listening to a podcast or listening to the bible read – many Bible apps will read the Bible aloud to you.

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