When crisis comes, your preparation shows.
I really wish I had cleaned our gutters more regularly.  The storms of the last week have shown me just how important that routine maintenance is.  During the storms is not the time to clean the gutters, they have to be done beforehand, they have to be part of a routine pattern of home maintenance.
I often see people wanting to turn to God in a crisis, pledge him their faithfulness if only he’ll rescue them from the mess they’re in.  Sometimes that works, but many times that rash commitment proves false once the crisis is over and normal life resumes.  Just like my gutters, the best time to establish a healthy relationship with God is by spending routine time with him in his word.
Then when a crisis comes to test our faith we will be ready to weather the storms that might come, trusting in our Saviour and sure of his faithfulness and love towards us.
Regularly reading my Bible and praying is sometimes boring.  Making Church a priority is hard to do when it means turning down shifts at work, saying no to kids sport or birthday parties, and sometimes when I’m just lazy.  But these routine maintenance tasks of our Christian lives are the building blocks of a healthy Christian life and will enable us to stand firm in our faith through whatever comes our way!
Yours in Him,