Today (Wednesday) we met with our Youth and Children’s Ministry Advisors from Youthworks (Matt and Tim) to discuss and review how our Church is going regarding Youth and Children’s Ministry.  
It was really encouraging to see that Young people in our Churches are valued by everyone and being encouraged and discipled in their faith and also that we have a great team of godly and effective leaders.  In fact, we were able to celebrate and thank God for a really effective ministry to and by young people in our Churches.
We also identified at least two areas that we need to work on and improve:
1) Equipping and partnering with parents in discipling young people.
2) Developing and clarifying leadership structures so that there are clear role descriptions and expectations as our Church grows and becomes more complex.
Please pray for Scott and Kate in particular as they lead our Youth and Children’s Ministry and as we seek to work on these areas together.  It’s so great to reflect on how God is at work amongst all of us (young and old) helping us to find life in Christ!