We are about to enter the evangelistic season of our Church life.  Who are you praying for?
Let me encourage you to spend some time identifying three non-Christian friends or family members that you can focus on praying for and seeking opportunities to invite to Church, or speak to about Jesus.  Once you’ve done this, commit yourself to praying for them by name every day for the rest of this year and look for opportunities.  
I call this the 3,2,1 Challenge.
On the bookmark you’ll receive at Church, write down three people you’re praying for, two people you’re going to invite to a Church event, and one person you’re going to attempt to speak to about Jesus.  Put the bookmark in your Bible and then use it everyday to remind you to pray.
Here’s an example prayer:
“Dear Lord, I pray that you will reveal yourself to X, Y and Z, so that they find life in Christ.  Give me courage and opportunity to tell them I go to Church, or explain to them why I’m a Christian or to invite them along to a Church event.  Help them to see that they need to repent and trust in Jesus for forgiveness and eternal life.  Amen.”
Yours in Him,