After a lot of prayer, discussion and planning, its finally happening. We will grow from two into three congregations on Sunday the 8th October: Picton 9am; Wilton 10am; and Wilton 5pm.

It’s a simple and necessary change: we want more people to be able to fellowship with us and find life in Christ, so we need an additional congregation in order to fit them in.

The next step for us all is to nominate which of the three congregations we plan to be a part of – so we’re inviting you to complete our very short survey, below.

I expect the difficult thing about this process is that you want to know what your friends are doing, before you make a decision yourself. You might be wondering ‘what if all my friends choose to go in the morning, but I didn’t realise, and I said I was going in the evening’. Don’t worry, this is not a once and for all time decision, you can always change your mind.

I expect that most people will continue attending the congregation they are already a part of. Our Picton congregation will stay the same, with very few people considering making a change to join the Wilton morning congregation. I expect that most people currently attending the Wilton 5pm congregation will continue to attend that same congregation. There is a group of a dozen Wilton 5pm congregation members who are committed to starting the Wilton morning congregation, and there are a few others considering joining them. My advice and encouragement is that if you’re not sure what you’re doing, just stick with the current congregation you’re a part of, you can always decide to make a change later.

Another piece of advice and encouragement, use this moment to pray and consider how you might get involved in serving at Church in some way. There will be needs and opportunities for people to ‘step-up’ and serve, as some people move on to start new things.

Please fill in the survey as soon as possible, so we can understand your intentions and plan accordingly. Click here to complete the survey:

Yours in Christ,