The past few weeks I’ve been leaning a lot about home maintenance.  I’ve learned how to cut to size and hang a new front door and I’ve learned to replace the innards of a toilet cistern.  While I do feel a sense of accomplishment, these weren’t fun or exciting jobs (both had moments where I thought I couldn’t do it).  Home maintenance isn’t fun, but it is necessary if you don’t want your house falling down around you.
Our spiritual lives also require regular effort: spending time practicing love and generosity towards others, even when its hard; establishing patterns of reading the Bible and praying or listening to it in the car on the way to work; creating space to serve God with the gifts he has given me; making decisions that put him first in my life; and praying that God be at work in me by his Holy Spirit to grow me as a Christian.
Of course, all this maintenance is worth it when you have a great house to live in – when you have a great life of hope in Christ that helps you persevere through the difficult days, peace which gives you contentment and joy, and purpose, since we are part of building God’s eternal Kingdom! 
Life in Christ is the best!  But it does require maintenance…