This term as we study the book of Genesis in Church, we are bound to raise some controversy and there are likely to be many questions.

For example: Where did Cain’s wife come from? Did Methuselah really live 969 years? Where did the serpent come from? How did Noah convince all the animals to get on the ark, and how did they not eat each other?

I’d love to hear your questions or comments, either in response to the sermons, or just things that have been simmering away in your head from the book of Genesis. We will attempt to address some of these questions / comments in Church, and they will also help us to understand where to focus our preaching. You can write your question down and put it in the Giving Box up the back of Church, or you can fill out a question form online at the link below.

And don’t forget that joining a Bible study group, or arranging a meetup with friends can be a great way to explore and discuss the Bible and encourage each other. Most of our Bible study groups will be starting up this week ahead, and I’d love to connect you with a group.

Yours in Christ,

Ben Boardman

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